Taare Zameen Par, sweeps the box office


Aamir Khan’s, TZP is all set to smash the box office records. It is confirmed that no bollywood movie in recent memory pulled at the heart strings of the audience –masses and celebrities alike -as Aamir Khan’s directional debut Taare Zameen Par.

Presently TZP, running neck to neck with last year’s super success Om Shanti Om in terms of Business, may even surpass the OSO blockbuster featuring Shah Rukh Khan if it continues to sweep the box office for a few more weeks.

The heart moving tale of the boy played by the child artist Darsheel Safary with learning disability has set the box office ringing. It has netted Rs 770 Million in its fourth week. Though the collection has slightly dropped in the third week of its release to mingle around 60 %, it picked up again this week. More than the media hype, it is a hit by the word of mouth publicity that actually boasted its box office performance.

When questioned about the success of the film with Darsheel’s parents, they replied that they were happy about the success their son has got and also the film has fetched in a few weeks and when asked that are they expecting a award like a film fare or even an Oscar, they politely replied that though they were expecting it but will not accompany their child to the award ceremony due to their personnel reasons. Wonder what is the reason may be!

The poignant tale of Taare Zameen Par has left most moviegoers in tears. Watching it during a special screening in New Delhi, BJP leader Lk Advani wept and so did the veteran director Lekh Tandon, father of Raveena Tandon.

Even the bollywood stars like Shahid kapoor and Amisha Patel were known to weep severely when they came out of the theatre.

With his Taare Zameen Par Aamir khan has proved that a movie sans commercial trappings ,masala ingredients and no heroine can also be a box office success provided the content mix is correct and the full faith in the script.

Already Maharashtra Government has exempted the movie from entertainment tax (60 percent of the total ticket fee), and with this it is sad that the hike in the ticket sales has climbed to 62 percent this week.

Taare Zameen Par , is likely to be accorded Tax Free status in other states like Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and Tamilnadu. In view of these, PVR cinemas, the distributor of TZP has circulated another 216 prints, hoping that it would continue to scale the popularity charts in the coming weeks.


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