Bollywood babes performing on New Year's Eve

It's that time of the year when everyone says 'Goodbye-Tata' to the year gone by and get all geared up to say 'Welcome' to the New Year. In between the departure of the old year and the advent of New Year lies something the 'midnight' for which everyone waits with bated breath, to welcome the New Year with open arms. For the urban crowd, the New Year celebrations include shelling out money in some of the five starred mega structured hotels to see some of the 'dhinchaak' Bollywood heroines, live in flesh! But the flip side of the coin is that this money gets translated into a pot-full of moolah for these 'dhinchaak' heroines. And these pot-full goes to the tunes of anywhere between a few lakhs till crores, depending upon the 'Saleability Quotient' of the star.

IndiaFM brings to you an insight of the star-charges and the places where you can go star-hunting (with the damages, of course!)

Topping this year's 'pricey-list' is none other than Bipasha Basu who will be performing at the JW Marriott, Juhu. She is reportedly said to be charging a staggering Rs 90 lakhs! The costs of the tickets are kept at Rs 11,500 per person (including taxes and food). BTW, who needs booze when the 'intoxicating' Bips is around! The saddest part of the story is that 'children' below 21 years are not allowed! Though some portion of the market says that the figures have just been exaggerated (and that the actual figures rest at Rs 72 lakhs), whereas the other portion of the market says that the figure quoted is lesser than what she is charging (and that the actual figures rest at a staggering Rs 1.23 crores)! Rumors have it that come what may, Bipasha cannot be a Mallika Sherawat as the latter's pull is far greater than the former. Last year, Mallika pulled off a show-stopper of a show with a price tag attached of Rs 50 lakhs for a half an hour performance!

However, it's not just Bipasha who will be joining you in welcoming the New Year. The Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant alongwith her 'all-in-one' boyfriend, Abhishek Awasthi, and DJ Whosane will also be performing on New Year’s Eve. You can find all of them performing at Tulip Star Hotel, Juhu. The charges here are Rs 7000 for a couple entry with unlimited food and drinks. But again, 'children' below 18 years are not allowed! Rakhi is reported to have charged the organizers a whopping Rs 51 lakhs for her performance! Rumors are also rife that Rakhi will make the most of this 'platform' to project her angst against the Star TV for their allegedly rigged voting system in 'Nach Baliye', where she and her boyfriend Abhishek lost to Sanjeeda Sheikh and Aamir Ali.

Not far behind are Koena Mitra and Tanushree Dutta, who will be joined along with the songster Mika in Sahara Star, Mumbai. The rates of the tickets here are priced at Rs 20,000 for a couple and Rs 11,500 for singles. Koena is supposedly charging the organizers Rs 27 lakhs for her 16 minute performance whereas Tanushree Dutta has been signed for Rs 15 lakhs for her 24 minutes performance.

The next in row are an array of celebrities who will be India-trotting as a part of their New Year performance. They are none other than Amrita Arora (performing in Bangalore), Malaika Arora (performing in Delhi), Neha Dhupia (performing in Ahmedabad), Mahima Choudhary (performing in Kolkatta), and southern sensation Sada (performing in Chennai) with Udita Goswami (performing in Pune) and Rimmi Sen (performing in Mumbai).

One of the event organizers (strictly on the condition of anonymity) said, "The charges of these stars are directly proportional to their popularity. Girls like Malaika Arora command easily upto Rs 25-30 lakhs which is almost the same like the southern bombshell Sada. Whereas Amrita Arora charges Rs 12 lakhs, Neha Dhupia charges anywhere between Rs 15-20 lakhs, Mahima Choudhary charges Rs 5 lakhs, Udita Goswami who used to charge Rs 15 lakhs for any performance now has reduced to Rs 5-8 lakhs.

With so much happening this New Year’s Eve, who wouldn't wanna be a 'sell-ebrity'!

Bollywood’s serial kisser upset with our Bong beauty

The little birdie is carrying it around that Bipasha Basu walked out of ‘Raaz 2’ because she did not want to pair opposite Emraan Hashmi. This has obviously hurt Emraan who has just returned from a 45-day schedule in South Africa for his forthcoming project ‘Jaanat’.

Emraan retorts, “Once the script is approved, we will start shooting. As far as Bipasha is concerned, it’s her creative liberty and decision who she wants to work with. My life doesn’t stop with her not being a part of my films.”

“I don’t care in the least who does Raaz 2. I am doing the film, I like my role and the film will do well with or without her!” adds the serial kisser of Bollywood.

Anyway, the actor beams talking about Vishesh Films’ ‘Jannat’, “Jannat’s tagline says in search of heaven he found hell. It’s a love story and will go down well with the youth.”

Bollywood babes filling their pockets for a new-year performance

New Year’s eve happens to be a big time event for everyone- for the urban crowd who gets to do some hip-shaking with the view of his or hers favorite Bollywood star’s performance and for the Bollywood babes who pocket in a lucrative sum for a few minutes performance. Take a look at this:

Dusky beauty Bipasha Basu (who is making a new year performance for the first time this year) is reportedly charging Rs. 90 Lakhs for her performance at J.W.Mariott, Juhu.

The Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant alongwith her boyfriend, Abhishek Awasthi, and DJ Whosane will also be performing on New Year’s Eve at Tulip Star Hotel, Juhu. Rakhi is reported to have charged the organizers a whopping Rs. 51 lakhs for her performance.

Next in the queue are Koena Mitra and Tanushree Dutta, who will be joined along with the songster Mika in Sahara Star, Mumbai. Koena is supposedly charging the organizers Rs 27 lakhs for her 16 minute performance whereas Tanushree Dutta has been signed for Rs 15 lakhs for her 24 minutes performance.

There are other celebs too performing at different cities and charging as per their popularity. Amrita Arora (performing in Bangalore) is charging 12 lakhs, Malaika Arora (performing in Delhi) is charging 25-30 lakhs, Neha Dhupia (performing in Ahmedabad) is charging 15-20 lakhs, and Mahima Choudhary (performing in Kolkatta) is charging 5 lakhs.

With the start being this, the year will definitely bring further surprises for these Bollywood bombshells!

Shahid Kapoor & Sania Mirza in Love?

Bollywood News:Till date we have heard about cricketers and actresses dating. But now it is just .the opposite. Now a sports lady ignites her love with an Actor.

Sania Mirza is Tennis sensation in India and abroad, though presently she is an upcoming sports lady. But, it is said that, this sexy beauty is in Love with Shahid kapoor. This news is getting cemented as some days back, Sania mirza is reported to meet Shahid kapoor in Banglore Restaurant and they spent a long Time around 2 hours together in a dining hall and later it is reported d that these two love birds sang and danced at a party together.

Later, on Sania is said to have met Shahid’s friends who were eager to meet the sexy Sports lady. An Eye witness said that Sania and Shahid were so engrossed in each other as to forget their surroundings.

Very recently, Shahid had a split with his long time girl friend and bollywood actress Kareena . This split occurred in October and the reason is reported now as Shahid was looking more interested in Sania whom he met some time back and this interest made Kareena Insecure about their love relationship and the result of it was a split.

Sania Mirza who was linked previously to one of her foreign coaches was later cleared from that issue and from that day (around 2 years ago) this Young and sexy beauty is said to be happy being single.

It is also said that, Sania Mirza was admiring Shahid kapoor from long time, but her recent contact with him made her love bells in her Bossom Ringing. it is also said that this lady has proposed shahid and it is said that shahid readily accepted her proposal. On Thursday also the two love birds are reported to have met in a Bombay restaurant and the eyewitnesses say that they were planning to meet on December 31st for a new year Bash along with their friends.

Shahid, last month was reported to be hanging with Vidya balan which was denied by Vidya. But the recent spotting of Shahid and Sania together and also the eyewitnesses make the news about the love between the two stars confirmed.

So, let’s hope that Shahid and Sania will clarify soon on this issue.

Akshay rings the Jingle bells this Christmas

Akshay Kumar who gave three hits this year with his films Titled Namaste London, Heybaby, Bhulbhuliya is again ringing the Jingle Bells this Christmas. His Fourth Film WELCOME is declared a hit at the Box Office according to the collections and there are reports that this film has been booked House Full for about 10 days in a Row.

At the time of his previous film releases he was critically alleged for taking weak story script and also for experimenting with his career. But all of the critical allegations were turned into critical acclaims when his film’s released at the Box office and when they were proved to be Hits.

The same thing happened before the release of Welcome and much was said that this film is going to be a black mark. But this time also his critics were proved to be wrong and the film has grossed well at the box office.

And for those who are thinking that they may miss their Khiladi Early next year here is happy news from his side. Next year he will be seen in a action avatar for his film Tashan which is said to be releasing on March 3rd. In may he is going to be seen in Nikhil Advani’s Made In China and In September Or October he will be seen In Anees bazmee’s Singh Is King film. may be this film is going to be pre –pone to April Itself and Singh Is King is again going to feature Akshay with his Lucky Lady Katrina With whom , he gave his two hits this year [Welcome & Namaste London]

Kareena is My true Love Saif

Bollywood Actress Kareena :Chhote nawab of Bllywood has finally opened up and accepted that he is ‘Extremely And Completely committed ‘to Kreena Kapoor and would like to spend the rest of his life with her.

Saif, ho has just wound up his shooting for Kunal Kohli’s next In Bankok, is very confident about his relationship with kareena.

Bebo and Saif come with a baggage of failed relationships. Karena started dating Shahid kapoor in 2004. The two are believed to have split in August while Shahid was away in Toronto filming Aziz Mirza’s Next. Saif and Kareena acknowledged being an Item in October at the grand Finale of Lakme fashion week.

Saif married actress Amrita singh in October 1991, but the couple divorced after 13 years of marriage and had two children in 2004.

Following his divorce the Nawab started dating Italian Model Rozaa Catalino but the two broke up in 2007.

Now the 37 year old is dating the 27 year old Bebo and is saying that this relationship will be maintained till his last breath.

But some gossips are mingling in Bollywood that this is also a publicity stunt for their soon to be released film Tashan which stars both the star items.

So, let’s see if at this relationship is going to last forever.

Bollywood Item Girls on demand for New Years

Bollywood Item Actress:New Year’s eve means partying all night long ,but how better would it be if you got paid to so that.

And that is what some Bollywood item Girls are doing t ring In the New Year 2008.

Actress Mallika Sherawat is reportedly charging a whooping amount of Rs .50 Lakhs for performing, this year and Bipasha Basu is getting a sum of 85 Lakhs for getting Nocturnal at Mumbai’s celebrity Hot spot JW Marriot and it has been officially confirmed that 75 lakhs is signed but Basu is charging 10 lakhs more for staying there till 3:30 am in the morning .

Country Clubs Resorts in Delhi, Mumbai have roped in Eight Item Girls varying from Malliaka Arora to Mahima Chowdary to shake a leg at their party zones. While these stars are demanding 25 lakhs for the night south star Sadaf and Udita Goswami is said to be demanding 10 lakhs for the whole night and is reported that these girls will at least perform to minimum 15 hit songs.

Rakhi Sawant is taking 30 lakhs to perform. This price was hiked by her to 33 lakhs especially after her allegation on Star plus Channel for some Manipulation in the Votinbg of “Nach Baliye”.

So, whatever may be the reason the so called Item Girls of Bollywoood are making a whooping amount on the first Day of the New Year and let’s hope that they give their 100 % in their performance, excluding their Film Nakhras.

Aishwarya wants to be Pregnant soon

Aishwarya Bachan:The miss world and the Indian beauty who has married and now called as Aishwarya bachan wants a baby soon. They are rumours that she is already pregnant,but some say that the couple Abhi and Ash are planning to have a baby by next year December .

This can be predicted more strongly as the couple visisted the “Ameen Sahib Peer Dargah which is in cuddapah district, of Andhra Pradesh two days ago and this Dargah is famous for fulfilling the devotees wishes. This can be more cemented as Ash Mother in law is very keen that the baby be born before December 2008 as the planetary position is very auspicious for the baby to be born and the baby will prosper in health and wealth and also his career if he is born in the month of December.

A Astrologer when consulted said that “ the planet Jupiter will go into “dhanur Rasi and will stay there for 1 year till December ending . And if the child is born in this period the child will have a very strong Jupiter planetary boon like Jaya bhachan who has the same in her Janam Kundali.(more Below)

Soha ali khan and Siddharth Wedding

soha ali khan and siddharth wedding

Bollywood Wedding :Finally, Siddharth and Soha’s love story came to a happy ending and that is marriage. Yes, this news is true that Siddharth and Soha ali khan are going to marry in april 2008. It has been reported that last week around, Saif ali khan invited Siddharth to his house for a lunch. The lunch was an excuse, but the real story was he wanted to test Siddharth if he could prove as best partner to his sister Soha. Saif is said to have asked many personnel questions to Siddharth and Siddharth like a interview candidate gave all the apt answers to Saif .

Saif was very happy about his sisters selection and immediately invited the south actor to his latest film shooting Tashan . This whole story happened a few days back .And the Nawab [saif] was very much impressed by his would –be brother in law and also gave green signal to his sister for their marriage.

But on Monday Siddharth was again called for a second interview and this time it was Soha’s parents who were very much impressed by Siddharth that they immediately gave the nod for the wedding of Siddharth and Soha.

Meanwhile, the latest news is that on Wednesday the two families have decided to arrange for a marriage ceremony in the month of April next year . so on this day it is said that Saif will also get engaged to his latest girlfriend Kareena kapoor.

This news is also confirmed by Soha Ali khan’s mother Sharmilla Tagore and she agree that the Siddharth and Soha will be getting married in the month of April next year . But the date according to her is still to be finalized. And when asked about her Nawab’s wedding she replied diplomatically that presently there were no such plans and these are only rumors and if at all anything is decided then they will confirm it to the media. She also said that whatever Saif does or decide the whole family has deep faith in him and Sharmilla Tagore is sure that their son will never let her or her family down.

Meanwhile, on the sets of little champs LoLo [karishma kapoor] got furious on a reporter when he shot her with a question to comment on her sister’s relationship with Saif. Lolo is said to have bursted on the reporter and backfired him with another question “ how dare u ask this question” and from the on site reporting it is reported that she was very angry when she was asked about her sisters personnel life. (Seems like she is not happy for her sisters latest love).

But the fact that Siddharth and Soha are getting married s presently hot news in the media circle.

Shah Rukh comments on his latest Nokia Ad Film


Bollywood :With the entire media covering the news that he has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Nokia in India SRK politely comments that celebrities cant’ increase sales of any product and also said that Nokia does not need him to push its sales. He added that he just cannot take any brand forward, by his face and Nokia from 10 years has achieved No 1 sales position by its service and its products.

Devender Kishore, Marketing Director Of Nokia India Pvt Ltd said that sales are driven by many things and celebrity endorsements help to build a strong brand preference in the minds of consumers. He also said that there is synergy between Nokia Brand and Personification of Shah Rukh brand; both have the youth connect, are trendy and tech savvy. Devender added that SRK is not only the brand Ambassador he is more like a brand Champion.

Devender refused to disclose the contract commitments between Shah Rukh and Nokia but hinted that this fetched SRK some 10 crores approximately.

Meanwhile, SRK who is said to be Ill from the last two weeks said that he will soon work on a film which will conclude its shooting schedule as soon as possible.

SRK will be seen using different phones for different purposes in the Nokia Ad film which is already on the small screens from December 21st .

Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan sex or love

Shahid who is presently recovering from the Love Blow he received is said to rekindle his love with the Sexy and Gorgeous actress Vidya Balan, but in Reel life. The two stars are going to be paired in the Film titled Kismat Connection. This film was under consideration for both the film stars. And now it is confirmed that this film has been signed with the two stars in the lead. Producer Ramesh taruni and TIPS films, has jointly confirmed this news.

After the success of Chalte Chalte ,Aziz mirza ,after a long time is going to direct this film . Shahid who is riding high with his latest film “Jab We Met” is delighted to be a part of this project. His previous film Vivaah was also a big hit opposite to Amrita Rao and with tow biggies in his kitty he is very much sure that this film Kismat Connection will also zoom to tremendous success. Shahid was reported to be in distress since tow months as his EX girlfriend Kareena kapoor dumped him for Saif Ali Khan and since then the young hero is said to be dawning a devdas role in his real life. And it is said that Shahid was very much hurt, when his 4 year old love relationship with Kareena Kapoor was broken by his beloved.

Vidya Balan on the other hand was linked to her co- star Shiney Ahuja in her previous hit Bhool BhuliayaHeyy Baby with Akshay Kumar which was also a super hit of 2007. Vidya Balan was very much praised for her acting skills in this film.

for her onscreen and Offscreen chemistry. Then she confirmed the news reports as baseless reports saying that she is always linked to her co star in every film she does, but cares a dam for all the rumors. Vidya’s another hit film was

And with the two hot stars of Bollywood being featured in this film, it is for sure that this film will also meet the success throne and will be a super hit film in the year 2008. This is for the first time Shahid and Vidya are being paired and the audiences are very much eager to see this Pair’s on screen chemistry.

Sanjay Croons for Urmila Again

Guess who is ready to dazzle the big screens again! Its Urmila and that too with her favorite co-star Sanjay Dutt in their latest venture together EMI (Easy Monthly Installments). Sanjay would be singing again for Urmila Matondkar in the movie and this would be the third time he would be doing so with her as his co-star. Urmila has had a busy time lately with her appearances in reality shows on the Silver screen but is now ready to bounce back.

Urmila is all praises for Dutt. “I’ve always admired him as a human being and an actor. We go back a long way. We had great fun doing Daud and then in Khoobsoorat he even sang for me.”

With Sanjay in jail the crew finished most of the solo scenes with Urmila in EMI, and now that he is out the major chunk of the scenes are done with both of them together.

Gauri Khan - ‘Vogue’ cover-girl

Who’s that girl? Dressed in a striking red pleated silk mini by Jenny Packham, this is media’s pet’s SRK’s media shy wife Gauri Khan, 37-year-old, mother of two, as the latest cover girl for January 2008 issue of ‘Vogue’ magazine. The issue will hit the stalls today and it also has King Khan posing with her lady in a few pics. The pics were shot against the eight-floor extension of the Khans’ dream home, Mannat. Gauri also shared some sincere moments with the magazine.

On her clothes she said, “I hate tight, revealing clothes and goes on to add that her son Aryan is her biggest fashion critic. What I wear really depends on my mood and I always keep in mind that I am the wife of a very successful man.”

About Shahrukh, she said, “He is the best husband and father I could ever ask for. I always say that I am so fortunate to be with Shahrukh Khan, the man. I don’t come from a space where I gush and praise - the world is doing enough of that. I like to keep my love for him private and inside the doors of Mannat.”

Priya Tanna, Editor Vogue India, says, “Vogue is a magazine that celebrates style, personality, fashion and glamour. Gauri is a true Voguette.”

Amisha Patel to pair with Saif Ali Khan

Amisha Patel will be seen next in Kunal Kohli’s project opposite Saif Ali Khan. This is the first time Amisha is teaming up with Chhote Nawab. The film will be produced by Kohli himself and distributed by Yash Raj. It will also have Rani Mukherjee and Rishi Kapoor in a cameo. It will be shot maily in Delhi.

This will be Kohli’s next after ‘Fanaa’ and Amisha is gearing up for it. She has lost a few kilos and is taking extra care of her skin these days.

Malaika Arora Khan bags her first full length role

Malaika Arora Khan is set to sizzle on-screen again, but this time not in an item number but a full-fledged role and that too with her husband Arbaaz Khan. Produced by Ashok Kheny and directed by famous south director Indrajith, the film is tentatively tilted ‘Shaadi Ke After Effects’ and will also star Johnny Lever, Tara Sharma and Madhuri Bhattacharya.

Ashok Kheny claims that the basic theme of the film is marriage and infidelity.

“It’s a common occurrence that many married couples are attracted to their neighbour’s spouse after a period of time. After some years of marriage, they start thinking that the neighbour’s wife is more beautiful than their own and start neglecting their own. But here, the woman decides to teach her erring husband a lesson,” the newly turned producer adds.

Indrajith, meanwhile, is confident that the film will do well on the basis of the script and style. “It is a full length comedy film high on entertainment,” he says. “This film exploits Arbaaz Khan’s potential and after seeing him in this film, I’m confident that he will be in demand.

Shilpa Shetty to lead 140 more episodes of ‘Miss Bollywood’

Again the Niranjan Iyengar written and Morani Brother’s edited stage performance, with Shilpa Shetty in lead role was hit when staged for the 60th time at Royal Albert Hall in London on the night of 13th December 2007.

Miss Bollywood that is a musical depicting the struggle of a new chorographer (Shilpa Shetty) for survival in the industry against the well experienced dancers has been extended for 140 episodes. The next 140 episodes will also be directed by
Ali and Mohammed Morani, Shilpa still in lead role.

The extended series primarily are to be staged in UK and Europe. Mohammed Morani of Cineyug says, “Yes, we are doing about 140 more episodes of Miss Bollywood with Shilpa. We are very happy with the response to the show.”

John Abraham and Ritesh Deshmukh celebrate their birthdays

John Abraham and Ritesh Deshmukh share their birthdays on the same day, December 17. However, Bollywood’s dashing hunk, John spent his 33rd birthday having a quiet dinner with family and close friends while Ritesh spent his 30th birthday by throwing a lavish bash and inviting all his friends from Bollywood.

John spent his birthday with 200 visually impaired children at an organization called ‘Happy Home’. Being the brand ambassador for Fast Track eyewear, he gifted special eye glasses to these children. The handicapped children not only sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and cut a cake, they also gifted John a special birthday card in Braille which they read out to him.

A deeply moved John preferred not to talk much about this special and personal moment but said “I am not comfortable talking about such experiences but yes I was moved. It was my most special birthday.”

On the other hand, chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh’s son, Ritesh Deshmukh, had a grand bash at a posh five star hotel, J W Mariott. The party was organized on a large scale, with lavish decorations and mouth watering delicacies. To add to the glamour, were Bollywood celebs, the Bachchans, Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Malaika and sister Amrita Arora, Dino Morea, Ashish Choudhary, Arshad Warsi etc.

Amrita Arora, Gul Panag and Aarti Chhabria at Tarun Tahiliani’s show

Johnnie Walker recently organized a polo match to celebrate it’s Gold Race Day at Mahlaxmi Race Course in Mumbai and to add spice to the environment was a fashion show by famous designer Tarun Tahiliani. The presence of beautiful Bollywood ladies, Amrita Arora, Gul Panag and Aarti Chhabaria at the Fashion Show charged up the environment. Top Indian models walked the ramp for Tarun.

Sameera Reddy upset with the makers of ‘Race’

Sameera Reddy is upset with Abbas-Mastaan, the directors of her forthcoming project, ‘Race’. The reason? The gal feels that she was neglected and ignored throughout the shooting of the film. The makers were more attentive towards Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif and completely sidelined her.

In addition, Sameera was promised a longer role. However, later she found out that Bipasha and Katrina had better roles than her while she was sandwiched between the two in some combination scenes. The focus was entirely on Bipasha and Katrina. Worse still, Sameera’s name was not included in the media-meet held at Delhi recently.

Although Sameera remains tight-lipped about the entire issue, producer Ramesh Taurani says, “Sameera was well aware of her role. We did not force her to take it on. It was her choice.”

Kim Sharma suffers a sun stroke

Recently, Kim Sharma was in Mauritius shooting for Ganesh Acharya’s ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’. However, during her shoot on the beach with co-star Aftab Shivdasani she had a major sunstroke and collapsed on the sets. Acharya Immediately called for a doctor and she was given medication.

Relates Kim, “We were constantly shooting in the sun for a few days. The sun was so harsh on the open beach that I finally could not take it anymore and I just collapsed. I was badly sunburnt as well. A doctor was immediately summoned and I was made to rest. Thankfully, the unit took good care of me, especially since we were shooting in a foreign country.”

Nonetheless, after reaching Mumbai the actress performed at the Navy Ball in that condition as she had already committed for it and she felt it would be very unprofessional to back out at the last minute. Good going, Kim!

Three films + one location = Chaos

This is what happened on the scenic beaches of Maurituis when the units of ‘Kidnap’ starring Minissha Lamba and Imran Khan, ‘Click’ starring Shreya Talpade, Rehan Khan and Senha Ulal and ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’ starring Govinda and Hansikaa Motwani went to shoot on one location.

The beach was divided into three halves where each of the unit was shooting a dance sequence. Choreographer Bosco had quite a parade choreographing ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’ at the same time. To add to the chaos, the spot boys got jumbled up. Even the actors of the three films were put up in the same hotel.

Looking at it, the incident feels like some sequence from a comedy flick!

John Abraham unveils Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar

‘Kingfisher Swimsuit Special’ has always been the specially awaited one. And it’s sixth edition (2008) was unveiled by none other than the dashing Bollywood actor John Abraham (looking all the more dashing in all whites and his killer smile) along with UB Ltd Chairman Dr Vijay Mallya amidst a host of celebrities from the world of fashion, business and celluloid here. Shot by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, the calendar features seven models.

This year’s calendar has the pride of exhibiting some of the finest and most luxurious brands in the world including La Perla swimwear from their special ‘India inspired line’, shoes by Jimmy Choo, sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli, watches by Watches of Switzerland and accessories by Christian Dior.

The three angels - Celina, Gul and Isha

Subhash Ghai is quite excited about his new project under the banner of Mukta Arts called ‘Hello Darling’. Based on the lines of Charlie’s Angels, the film is a comedy about a villain and three heroines. Celina Jaitley, Gul Panag and Isha Koopikar play the three heroines and Javed Jaffrey is in the villainous role. The film will go on floors on 16th December and will be directed by Ghai’s chief assistant Manoj Tiwari. The musical scores will be from Pritam.

Ghai has a lot in store for his admirers. While he has already completed his experimental film ‘Black N White , he is currently shooting for his ambitious project ‘Yuvraaj’ starring Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan and Zayed Khan in lead roles. Others include ‘Bombay to Bangkok’, ‘Cycle Kick’ and ‘Right Ya Wrong’.

The first look of ‘Karzzzz’ is out

The first look of the remake ‘Karzzzz’ produced by Bhushan and Krishan Kumar and directed by Satish Kaushik is out and dramatic enough to cause stirs, for the still reveals singer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya without his trademark cap.

The movie has Himesh playing the role which Rishi Kapoor played in the original movie and the actor also scores a hat trick by acting, singing and composing the music for the film. The film also stars Urmila Matondkar, Gulshan Grover, Danny Denzongpa and Rohini Hatangadi alongwith Reshammiya.

The shooting is scheduled to commence from Mid-January and the film will be shot in South Africa, Kenya & Mumbai. The ‘zzzz’ing has been added to the name to get the numerology right.

Himesh’s second film to be produced by T-Series is ‘Kajraare’ which will be directed by Pooja Bhatt and the third production is ‘A Love Issshtory’ by John Matthew Matthan of ‘Sarfarosh’ fame. Since Himesh considers 29th to be his lucky number, he saw to it that the mahurat of all his 3 films was held on 29 th November ‘07 in a span of 45 min, which once again is numerologically auspicious for him!

Khoya Khoya Chand - Movie Review

TOI Review -
YOU'VE seen the technicolour '70s in Bollywood, just a few weeks ago, in Farha Khan's Om Shanti Om . Time to go back another decade or so in a sepia-tinted time machine which takes you to the more angst-ridden '50s and the getting-happy '60s.

This time, director Sudhir Mishra opts for a more serious tone - compared to Farha's rumbustious humour. This is one befitting the era he tries to re-capture on celluloid: the age of Guru Dutt, Sahir, Madhubala, Waheeda and Raj Kapoor, when both reel and real life unspooled behind a smoke-screen.

Ironically, those were the more liberal years when screen goddesses were irreverent towards traditional morality and lived life on their own terms. Hence the importance of a character like Sudhir Mishra's unconventional '50s-'60s diva who lived and loved and lost, all on her own terms.

So far so good. Mishra, who gave us the memorable document on the '70s student movement , Hazaron Khawhishen Aisi , begins on the right note.

The film opens in the haze of the film studios of the 1950s when Nikhat, a struggling, exploited dancer (Soha Ali) dreams of breaking into the limelight as an actress of import.

She is spotted preening in the background by the superstar, Prem Kumar (Rajat Kapoor) who takes no time to replace the reigning queen (Sonya Jehan) with this young, talented, mercurial waif who walks into his life with equal ease, only to end up as his heartbroken mistress.

The tragedy-struck girl is rescued by and upcoming writer, Zafar (Shiney Ahuja) who has his own demons - a troubled relationship with his father - to chase. And so you end up with two star-crossed lovers who are hell-bent on destroying themselves, and each other, simply because life has never been easy for them.

The background is perfect, the cinematography is arresting, the music (Shatanu Moitra) has a glorious retro tone and the performances (Soha, Rajat, Shiney, Vinay Pathak) are riveting. But the narrative keeps dipping and dipping, leaving the film to hang on as a mere string of montages, rather than a gripping story that transcends its characters. Here, the paper-thin story, ironically lets down the characters too.

And the loosely-edited second half leaves you fidgeting in your seat, ever so often. Somehow, the director has failed to create the magnificent passion that makes a relationship extraordinary...something that may have matched up to the underlying myth of Guru Dutt's ardour for his leading lady or Madhubala's dare-devil defiance to life and death.

Hrithik Roshan finally takes the much recommended rest

Finally Hrithik Roshan gives in to his doctors’ advice and has headed off to Singapore for 6 weeks to heal his injured knee.

To be known that junior Roshan had torn the ligament of his right knee but inspite of his doctor and physiotherapist’s instructions, he continued to work without taking rest. First Hrithik had his schedules for ‘Jodha Akbar’ and then he completed his ads commitments.

As a result, the knee did not get enough rest to recuperate and hence now the situation is such that it has become essential for him to put all the work on back burner and go abroad for complete treatment. In fact his new movie shoot has also been delayed because of the treatment.

Says Hrithik, “While working towards fulfilling my commitments to all my work - ads and film, I did not much care about my knee pain and have neglected my doctors advise to not put any stress on it and take complete rest if I wanted it to heal. I am giving my health a prior importance now, so that none of my further commitments suffer in the near future,” says the truly committed star.

Our Best Wishes to you, Hrithik. Get well soon!!

Preity Zinta and Isha Koppikar’s new found friendship

Jhanu Barua’s ‘Har Pal’ turned out to be a wonderful experience for Preity Zinta and Isha Koppikar, as both of them found a new friend in each other. The film too portrays both of them as close friends on-screen.

During the shooting, Isha had problem in staying awake for her night schedules and it was Preity who offered to help Isha by keeping her awake while chatting with her. Both the actresses even shared their lunch boxes.

Isha says, “Preity is a very nice girl and she has a lot of masala for entertainment. We have decided that we will stay in touch even after the shooting is over.” As for Preity, she says that she would have married Isha if she was a boy.

On the last day of the shooting both the actresses hugged each other and exchanged gifts to say goodbye. Preity gifted her favorite Coco channel perfume to Isha. She believes Isha would always remember her because of this gift.

SRK and Priyanka Chopra launch Tag Heuer’s new range

Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are the brand ambassadors for watchmakers Tag Heuer and the duo arrived for a polo match in New Delhi to launch a range of sporty watches.

Shah Rukh Khan was wearing a classic business suit and Priyanka Chopra, as charming as ever, was attired in an elegant, white dress. Both the actors not only flashed their wrists with this range but also added praises in favour of the model.

‘It is a watch that any discerning buyer would be happy to own,’ said Priyanka. SRK ckeekily added, ‘I love this watch too, though I love the white dial Priyanka is wearing, a lot more’.

When quizzed about the price, King Khan, with characteristic candour said, ‘It’s not the watch but the state of mind that keeps you in track with time.’

Soha Ali Khan will not play Mishra’s ‘Chandramukhi’

Soha Ali Khan developed a good rapport with Sudhir Mishra while shooting for ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’ and the director was keen on casting Soha as ‘Chandramukhi’ in his modern interpretation of ‘Devdas’.

However, Mishra’s film will be entirely different from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdaas and is set in the political world. Paro plays a simple girl who evolves into a shrewd politician. Chandramukhi is not a courtesan but an investment banker.

Actor Shiney Ahuja and Lara Dutta have been finalized for the role of Devdas and Paro, but incidentally Soha has been dropped from the project because the makers want an international face to play Chandramukhi in the film.

Mishra regrets missing out the chance to work with his favourite actress Soha once again, but he looks forward to make another film with her soon.

Mind game on the sets of ‘Race’

The sets of ‘Race’ saw the wonderful display of beauty with brains. Katrina Kaif, the pretty damsel with a killer smile, often locked her brains with co-star Akshaye Khanna over the game of chess while shooting for the Abbas-Mastan thriller.

Akshaye Khanna is known to be an expert in the game of chess. So the actor invited his co-stars for the games of chess between the breaks of the shooting schedule. Kaif sportingly agreed to play the game in which she knew quite a few moves. Within days, the gal got her game polished learning tips and tricks from Akshaye and she would even dare to play the gambit or camouflage her attack while playing with Akshaye, who in turn was pretty impressed by Katrina’s grasp over chess. In fact, she almost ended up beating Akshaye in a game.

Even Saif Ali Khan could not resist the temptation and would often join in.

‘Race’ is a thriller starring a host of actors. Apart from Akshaye, Katrina and Saif, the film stars Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy .

Amrita Rao has fun in Hyderabad

Amrita Rao was in Hyderabad for the shooting of her Telugu film ‘Athidhi’. The gal wanted to go to Char Minaar and also shop in the famous Choori Bazaar. So she wore huge sun glasses and tied her hair back in pony in order to go unrecognized, and went to Char Minar with some friends.

Unfortunately, as soon as she got off the car, people recognized her and started mobbing her. She had to return without getting the chance to buy anything. That is when somebody came with the idea of using a burkha and Amrita went out once again.

“I had such a great time. I climbed up on Char Minar, rubbed shoulder with everybody in the crowd, went to the Choori Bazaar and really shopped for so many bangles. They have lovely bangles and they are so different. I even went to shop for stone studded jewellery. It was fun talking to people without getting recognised and being myself again,” laughs Amrita.

At present, Amrita has in her kitty, ‘Shortkut’, which is Anil Kapoor’s home production with Akshay Khanna, Arshad Warsi and Chunkey Panday. Another film is with Shyam Benegal which is one of the biggest opportunities for her this year. The promos of E.Niwas’ ‘My name is Anthony Gonsalvis’ is already out and is scheduled for release in January next year.

Hansika Motwani spends time with soldiers

Actress Hansikaa Motwani may not be on a high these days, but the actress was definitely overwhelmed by the appreciation she got on her visit to Wagah border to meet the Indian and Pakistani soldiers. Motwani’s debut film ‘Aap Ka Suroor’ was a huge success in Pak and some of the soldiers from Pakistan not only recognized her but told her they were huge fans of hers.

Hansikaa and her mom visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar and they stayed with the Mayor of Amritsar Mr Soni who was their host. He got the required permission for Hansikaa to meet the jawans and he sent the cars with the security and all.

Hansika expressed her joy in these words, “Meeting the soldiers was one of the most emotional moments of my life….. and I was quite surprised that the soldiers from Pakistan also recognized me as well! I was very touched by their warm words and I hope I get such chances more in my life to meet the real heroes of India!”

Mallika 50 lakhs ‘n’ Bipasha 90 lakhs!!

On 31st December, every year, filmstars perform for events and functions which adds extra weight to their cash boxes. This year Bipasha Basu will do it in J.W.Mariott for 90 lakhs what Mallika Sherawat did last year for 50 lakhs. Yes, talking about New Year eve’s programme held every year in this five-star hotel, this year they have dusky beauty Bipasha to rock the audience with a 30 minutes performance. Before this, Bipasha had never said yes for such programmes, but seems that the lucrative offer of 90 lakhs was too much to resist!!

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