Bollywood Acter Anil Kapoor will be seen together on the big screen with his daughter Sonam

With many children of filmi families entering Bollywood, it would seem logical that they would be in films with their famous parents. However, this is not the case, in fact it is just the opposite; Bollywood parents are being very careful that they not be in films together with their children. Anil Kapoor, is one of those Bollywood stars that is also a parent of a new actress and he has declined offers to be in a film with his daughter Sonam.

Anil said that he has decided that for now he and Sonam will not be seen together on the big screen, “In fact, there have been 8-10 offers, but nothing that would tempt me into sharing space with her right away. Unless something really exceptional comes up, I wouldn’t like to work with my daughter at the moment. In fact, she is opposed to it much more than I am. She feels even more strongly about it. So I’d rather wait.


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