New couple Kareena-Saif live it up in Mumbai

That's love-struck Saif Ali Khan for you! When quizzed by HT about his relationship with the Kapoor gal, Saif insisted on playing safe this time.

"I think there's bound to be a lot of hype. The press has certainly changed and has gone more on the lines of a tabloid. But still they are better than the west. They haven't actually turned up in my bathroom. Trust me, I'm looking forward to it."

Ask him a trait of his personality that he had to change after becoming a public figure and he quickly points out, "I get uncomfortable with many heads around. But now I am used to of it. One can't even go to a disc or a fashion show. Earlier I'd get uncomfortable, but now I have learnt the art of handling it."

Talk any further on Kareena, and he declines to entertain. "I do have a body of work that could be better news than who am I partying or going out with."

"Race is my favourite film so far. My look in the film is very cool. I sport a beard. It's very me. It's really sexy."Back to work, a lot seems to keep the actor engaged. To begin with, today, Saif walks the ramp, along with the cast of his forthcoming film Race, for the exclusive line of clothing by Provogue.

"Race is my favourite so far. My look in the film is very cool. I sport a beard. It's very me. It's really sexy."

Talk about looks and Saif will be seen in a different one altogether for Yash Raj Film's Tashan, "I'll be seen in a handlebar moustache. Even that is cool."

The next big thing on his mind is his production company, Illuminati Films, "The films that we make under the banner, will be entertaining. Something on the lines of Being Cyrus. It could be a love story, or an action thriller or a sci-fi," he says.

The project in news so far has been, Agent Vinod. Talk about it, and once again the hot topic (read Kareena) pops up. The buzz is that, Kareena will play the female lead in the film, which is on similar lines as Bond films.

"She could be. If the script demands an actress like Kareena, then why not?" he asks rhetorically.

However, about being part of his own films, Saif says, "I'd probably be a part of most of the films. For me, the idea is to be able to work in the kind of film that I don't get to do otherwise.


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