Bombay to Bangkok Movie revive

Bombay to Bangkok

Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Lena Christianson, Vikram Inamdar, Yatin ,Naseerudin Shah ,Vijay Maurya and Manmeet singh.

Director: Nagesh kukunoor.

Bombay to Bangkok

Nagesh Kukunoor is back to the genre he began his career with some light entertainers. in this outing Bombay to Bangkok , he goes a step further in his creativity and incorporates every ingredient available to make this a typical Hindi film with the local Masala in it. This film is not the same from Kukunoor’s earlier, but has some change in it.

The plot is well carved and also made interesting but little bit of more conscious ness of Nagesh Kukunoor would have made the film more near to super success. The drawback is its lack of tuning in its screen play and what holds promise at the start looks to get ordinary and also at the end below the line.

Of course, Kukunoor’s expert execution of the material makes a difference and a few sequences are elated to the watch able level, but the overall impact is still missing.


Shanker (shreyas Talpade), a petty thief, in desperate need of money (that’s common for a thief), steals some money from a local Don (Naseeruddin Shah) and escapes his way into some team of doctors heading for relief work in Bangkok. Unfortunately in the exercise Shanker looses the money bag.

In Bangkok, his world turns upside -down at a massage parlor where he meets jasmine (lena). The hitch is, she is all Thai and he cannot converse with her at all. A ray of hope comes his way the next day when jasmine is terrible in need of a doctor.

Shanker, posing to be a specialist doctor along with Sardar buddu Rachinder, jumps into a whirlpool ,while Jasmine gets pulled into his adventures while the two are in a running spree from the Don and his son ( Vijay Maurya)

Nagesh’s films are well weaved on the lines of the characters and the one’s in Bombay to Bangkok are no exception. There is a plain cook turned thief –perfect; there is a Thai woman who works as a volunteer in the day an the massage parlor ion the night-well apt again; then there is a Don’s son who wants his money back, but is more focused on being a rapper –great.

The problem is ?the few individualistic scenes like shreyas first encounter in the massage parlor ,his prescribing Viagra to all his patients and the sequence with lena’s uncle who is a hardcore bollywood buff do raise some giggle, but when viewed in totality ,the zing and the zeal for comedy is missing.

The songs are little but soothing and some are situational too, like Same Same But different and Mausam suhana hain being well tuned .although Nagesh has shot the film in Bangkok ,but still the beauty of the metropolis is missing as the film takes its take in the outskirts of Bangkok.


Shreyas has done his part well and his acting cannot be a let down in the entire film as it adds life to the film and the dude has really given his 100% to the film.

Lena, the Thai babes, is equally important and her gorgeous looks and beauty are impeccable, but the dialogues and the expressions lack some connection in between them.

Vijay maurya is excellent and Yatin Karyekar is alright to the sense. Nasseruddin shah is there only for one scene, and this looks that as if Shah is a like a lucky Mascot for shreayas, as his presence makes shreyas feel that his film is well in bollywood race.

On the whole, Bombay to Bangkok has a few enjoyable moments, but that about it. Some entertainment and some light moments. On the whole not much can be expected at the box office on the collection term.


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