Deepika ditches Farah for Yuvraj

Deepika Padukone has all the time in the world for Yuvraj Singh but she doesn't have any time for Farah Khan, who gave the newbie her big break in films.

According to an insider from the Om Shanti Om camp, "Farah is irked with Deepika's ungrateful attitude. She has not kept in touch after the release of the film. The OSO girl hasn't spoken to Farah for a couple of months except sending a SMS on her birthday (January 9)."This is the way of the world. If Shahrukh was ignoring me, I would have felt very hurt. It's true that Deepika has not kept in touch since OSO's release. Her parents, Prakash Padukone and wife sent me a thank-you letter after watching the film. I was very touched. I last met Deepika during the OSO book launch on November 14. I guess she"s been busy with shooting and travelling all over the world.

I read she was in Australia watching the cricket match, and shooting for Yash Raj's film. She's busy enjoying life, I guess, and basking in the glory. In any case, I am faltu right now (Farah's expecting triplets next week). I won't be directing any film for at least a year."

Only her

Amongst the OSO cast, apparently only Deepika hasn't kept in touch. Farah says, "Arjun (Rampal) and Shreyas (Talpade) regularly keep in touch. Fortunately, most of the stars I've worked with Zayed (Khan), Amrita (Rao), and Sunil (Shetty) still come and visit me years after Main Hoon Naa.

I find it amusing that Deepika hasn't kept in touch. I have seen it happening so many times in the film industry you give a break to a newbie and she/he forgets you when they become big."

Apart from Deepika, the only actress who hasn't been in contact is Sushmita Sen. The mommy-to-be adds, "Sush doesn't keep in touch with anybody so it's not just me. Right now she's busy with her home production, but Sush is a darling so warm and gracious.

Deepika was unavailable for comment but a friend of the actress clarifies, "There is no problem between them. Deepika has been in touch with Farah over SMS."


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