Preity Zinta on Her IPL Win

Its safe to say that Preity Zinta getting a piece of the IPL pie surprised many. However Zinta has proven that Cricket is not for the boys and congrats to Preity for showing some great business acumen.

Says Zinta:
“why do boys have to have all the fun? It’s 2008, women should get more active in business. I won’t pretend to be a huge cricket buff, but now I’ve no choice, I’m learning about the game. I’m reading books, watching old matches. I think cricket is a gentleman’s sport, regardless of winning and losing. And I know how to hold a bat and I know what sixers and fours are all about!”

She’s also reportedly a part of (and endorses) the Wadia family airline. “But this is my first bona fide business venture. I’ve never before submitted a tender and felt the thrill of watching it materialise. I can’t be a sleeping partner in any business. I’d give everyone nightmares! Can you imagine me keeping quiet? Not when the entertainment industry is rocking. Cricket and Bollywood coming together is huge,” laughed Preity.

Do their professional alliances indicate a life together? “I don’t know,” replied Preity, “but Ness and I work well together. We hope to make the IPL deal a success. It’s the first time I’m sitting in a boardroom. So many firsts for me! I’m excited. It’s very different from working on a film where you’re on your own when ‘action’ is called on camera.”


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