Aishwarya, Angelina may have common ancestors


Top actors Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie may have common ancestors. If a research is to be believed all people with blue eyes can trace their ancestry back to one person who probably lived about 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region.

Scientists studying the genetics of eye colour at the University of Copenhagen found that more than 99.5 per cent of blue-eyed people who volunteered to have their DNA analysed have the same tiny mutation in the gene that determines the colour of the iris.

Professor Hans Eiberg of the university said he has analysed the DNA of about 800 people with blue eyes, ranging from fair-skinned, blond-haired Scandinavians to dark-skinned, blue-eyed people living in Turkey and Jordan.

"All of them, apart from possibly one exception, had exactly the same DNA sequence in the region of the OCA2 gene. This to me indicates very strongly that there must have been a single, common ancestor of all these people," he said.

Saif Slits His Hand For Kareena

After going to the extent of tatooing Kareena’s name on his hand, Saif Ali Khan dares to be the Arm in Shining Armour once again, for his damsel Kareena Kapoor who doesn’t seem to be in any distress.

Whilst on the shooting of “Tashaan “ in Greece, some of Bebo’s Pals asked him as to what extent he could go for his love- Kareena.

Much to the shock of her friends and an amused Kareena who was awaiting his reply, Saif did a dare devil stunt of slitting his palm with a knife which was lying nearby.

Now that his act wasn’t irreversible, he went around telling everyone that the injury was caused due to meddling with a broken pane of glass.

Ranbir And Bipasha To Rock The Screen

Ranbir Kapoor will now be paired with the sultry and sexy actress Bipasha Basu in his second film.

Both the actor and the actress took a day off for a photo session to check their on-screen compatibility.

In this yet to be titled movie, Ranbir appears in three different get ups, including a teenager, a 28-year-old and finally a 35-year-old youth.

The actor is working really hard to look the required age in his upcoming film.

Now it remains to be seen how this young Kapoor scion handles the roles of the teenager and a mature man of 35 years.

Dimple-cheeked Preity Zinta turns 33

Preity Zinta, the vivacious, dimple-cheeked Bollywood star, celebrates her 33rd birthday Thursday with greater confidence in her abilities and demonstrating a little known business acumen with the recent bagging of the franchise of the Mohali team in cricket’s Indian Premier League.

Preity would have had a big do to mark the occasion had her professional commitments not come in the way, according to a source close to her.

However, she has ensured that the ‘big day’ in her life is not all work and no play. She will celebrate, but it will be a quiet one. Who are included in her private party’s guest list is also kept under wraps to avoid media scrutiny.

One person who will stand beside Preity to cheer her and sing “Happy Birthday To Dear Preity” the loudest will be her beau, Ness Wadia, the scion of the Wadia family who runs Bombay Dyeing.

Professionally, after a decade in the industry, Preity is now bold enough to tread on uncharted territories with a rare confidence to ensure that she carves her own niche in Bollywood - of course, with an eye on Hollywood.

Deepika ditches Farah for Yuvraj

Deepika Padukone has all the time in the world for Yuvraj Singh but she doesn't have any time for Farah Khan, who gave the newbie her big break in films.

According to an insider from the Om Shanti Om camp, "Farah is irked with Deepika's ungrateful attitude. She has not kept in touch after the release of the film. The OSO girl hasn't spoken to Farah for a couple of months except sending a SMS on her birthday (January 9)."This is the way of the world. If Shahrukh was ignoring me, I would have felt very hurt. It's true that Deepika has not kept in touch since OSO's release. Her parents, Prakash Padukone and wife sent me a thank-you letter after watching the film. I was very touched. I last met Deepika during the OSO book launch on November 14. I guess she"s been busy with shooting and travelling all over the world.

I read she was in Australia watching the cricket match, and shooting for Yash Raj's film. She's busy enjoying life, I guess, and basking in the glory. In any case, I am faltu right now (Farah's expecting triplets next week). I won't be directing any film for at least a year."

Only her

Amongst the OSO cast, apparently only Deepika hasn't kept in touch. Farah says, "Arjun (Rampal) and Shreyas (Talpade) regularly keep in touch. Fortunately, most of the stars I've worked with Zayed (Khan), Amrita (Rao), and Sunil (Shetty) still come and visit me years after Main Hoon Naa.

I find it amusing that Deepika hasn't kept in touch. I have seen it happening so many times in the film industry you give a break to a newbie and she/he forgets you when they become big."

Apart from Deepika, the only actress who hasn't been in contact is Sushmita Sen. The mommy-to-be adds, "Sush doesn't keep in touch with anybody so it's not just me. Right now she's busy with her home production, but Sush is a darling so warm and gracious.

Deepika was unavailable for comment but a friend of the actress clarifies, "There is no problem between them. Deepika has been in touch with Farah over SMS."

Finally wedding Bells for Salman?

The much awaited wedding bells might ring this year as Bollywood sensation Salman Khan is expected to tie the knot before the year ends.

According to the buzz the actor will get married to his heart throb Katrina Kaif this year.

Apparently Salman has made a sincere promise to his family especially to his mother Salma and father Salim regarding his marriage.

So are we going to see marriage and Salman together…? Hopefully we won’t be extremely surprised if the actor changes his mind again. While the news might come as a great relief for Salman’s well-wishers, his female admirers might find it a little difficult to take in.

After all he is our very own Sallu Bhai…expect the unexpected..!

Amitabh Bachchan bahu Aishwarya Rai is shifting all her attention on international films

aishIt seems post her high profile wedding in early 2007, the Bachchan bahu Aishwarya Rai is shifting all her attention on international films and is not very keen to take on Bollywood films. Barring the recently signed Shankar’s Robot - in which the actress has a small role to play - the actress has only English films lined up in 2008.

The actress is working on a spate of international films in like The Pink Panther 2, Ben Kingsley’s Taj Mahal and is rumoured to be a part of two bigger Hollywood films. One of which will see Ash starring with Meryl Streep in Coline Serreau’s Chaos. The film is said to be based on Serreau’s French play and will see Ash playing a young woman who is beaten up by a group of men. Rai has also agreed to do Zachary Coffin’s Windfall which is based on the Bhopal gas tragedy. Aishwarya will play an Indian-American woman whose father was the plant manager on duty at the plant on the night of the disaster. And that’s not all! She is also rumoured to be a part of one of the most expensive French films - Asterix at the Olympic Games.

“Ash has a big international profile. Specific roles are being made keeping her in mind. She is very clear about the things she will or won’t do and directors in the West are accommodating all her demands,”

Malaika Arora’s new reality show for NDTV Imagine ‘Dhoom Machale

Actress Malaika Arora is doing a reality show for NDTV Imagine as she is very comfortable with the home medium.

“I’m anchoring a music show called ‘Dhoom Machale’, which starts in February and goes right up to April. It’s a weekly and doesn’t require me to take too much time off my domestic duties,” Malaika told IANS.

So what’s the new show about?

“It’s a music contest where the contestants are all professional singers like Sunita Rao and Kamal Khan. I agree I’m not a singer. I’m a dancer and therefore more qualified to judge ‘Nach Baliye’. See, here we’ll be judging the overall package and not the nuances in the singing.

Jodhaa Akbar Exclusive Wallpapers

Historians contended on Jodhaa Akbar

Has Ashutosh Gowariker got it all wrong? Noted historians have contended that his highly publicised film Jodhaa Akbar, starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwariya Bachchan, is factually incorrect.

Noted historians maintain that Mughal Emperor Akbar never married anyone named Jodhabai. And that Jodhabai was, in fact, his daughter-in-law, Jehangir’s wife.

“Historical documents, including Akbarnama and Jehangir’s memoirs, say it was not Akbar but Jehangir who got married to the House of Jodhpur. So the princess was later called Jodhabai,” says historian Satish Chandra, author of NCERT History books.

Agrees historian Mohammad Amin. “Akbar forged alliances with Rajput families and he married the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber, who was later titled Maryam Rahmani or the Mother of Rulers of the Universe. But there is no evidence to say that she was called Jodhabai.”

The debate comes ahead of the film’s release next month. Rajput organisations in Rajasthan have threatened to block the release, accusing Gowariker of distorting facts.
When the film was about to go on the floors couple years ago, the Rajput Mahasabha had warned the makers about potential consequences of manipulating history for a political agenda (BJP ruled Rajasthan is due for elections soon as are other BJP states like Madhya Pradesh). Lawsuits were said to be bound to follow for starters with violence following possibly after that.

But since then, apart from the Rajput Mahasabha, a 2nd front, the Karni Sena has stepped forward warning Jodha Akbar also. It has warned the people of Jodha Akbar of physical consequences upon film’s release if they felt an unseemly agenda using coverups and distortion of history was being perpetrated using the cover of this movie. Jodha Akbar has been threatened to be taken off the screens its first weekend itself if that would be the case.

Jodha was married to Akbar`s son Salim?

Jaipur, Jan 30: Looks like Jodhaa –Akbar is going to be a hit as the movie is blessed with a controversy prior to its release-an omen observed among all the big hits of the year 2007.

The extravagant historical epic directed by Ashutosh Gowariker is making news for factual errors. The Rajput community of Rajasthan is threatening to stall the release of the movie in the state if the so-called errors are not looked into. The community says Gowariker has distorted facts in his magnum opus, which is set to be released on Feb 15.

Contrary to popular belief and history books, Narendra Singh Rajawat, head of the Rajput Sabha, said Gowariker is presenting Jodhabai as Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Akbar`s wife, which is factually incorrect. According to Rajawat, Jodhabai was not the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber near Jaipur as shown in the film.

Jodhabai was the daughter of Motaraja Udai Singh of Marwar and was married to Akbar`s son Salim alias Jehangir. And Mughal king Shahjahan was her son, he added.

Rajawat said such distortion of historical facts had hurt the feelings of the Rajput community. He urged the courts to restrain Gowariker from showing Jodhabai as the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber.

He said the name of Raja Bharmal`s daughter was Harkabai alias Heera Kunwar.

"You cannot make your own history and Ashutosh Gowariker is making his own history. He is projecting Jodhabai, who is Akbar`s daughter-in-law, as his beloved and making a love story out of that. He is totally distorting historical facts," Rajawat said.

He said that the community would boycott the film. "We are also approaching the High Court against this," informed Rajawat.

These claims however have been brushed away by the royal family of Jaipur. Queen Padmini Devi came to Gowariker’s rescue saying that she had read the entire script of the movie and it was only after her approval that the shooting of the epic went underway.

The queen also added that the entire royal family helped the cast of the movie especially Aishwarya Rai to adapt the character of Jodhaa as much as realistically possible.

The president of the Rajput Karni Sena, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, is also up in arms against the director. He said the Sena had apprehended the distortion of Rajasthan`s historical facts in Jodhaa Akbar, which is based on the Jodhpur royal family.

"The Karni Sena would watch the movie when released and, if required, it would not allow the screening in the state," said Kalvi.

Mahaveer Singh Sarwadi, a leader of the Shatriya Yuvak Singh, said: "We would oppose the release of the film if it shows the community in bad taste."

A number of scenes for the film, which features Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles, were shot in and around Jaipur. Gowariker has consulted several eminent Mughal historians for his movie.

Gracy stings!

Gracy Singh slapped an assistant director on the sets of Kamal Khan's Desh Drohi all because he was smoking
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and while the whole world is capaigning against the harmful effects of smoking, Gracy Singh went a step further. She slapped an assistant director who would not stop smoking. Gracy was shooting for Desh Drohi at Surve Farms, Panvel.

The story goes that Gracy was forced to take the extreme step when the chain-smoking assistant director Rajesh Sharma wouldn't stop smoking on the sets. Our source informs, "Gracy was in a bad mood on that day. She got upset with one of the assistant directors, Rajesh who was smoking on the sets.

She had asked Rajesh not to smoke around her. But when he did not pay any heed to her requests, Gracy slapped him hard."

The duo got into a tiff following which producer Kamal Khan had to cancel shooting for the day. Eventually, the unit members intervened and calmed the actress down.

The source adds, "Everyone on the sets was shocked by Gracy's behaviour and the producer stopped the shooting before the situation turned worse."

Kamal confirmed the incident, saying, "Yes, it did happen. Gracy had warned the assistant director not to smoke but when he continued to do so, she got up and slapped him. I cancelled the shoot immediately as I didn't want the situation could worsen."

However, Gracy refused to divulge any details about the episode. She said, "I don't know who is spreading these rumours. If anyone smokes on the sets, I usually request them to stop."

We tried to contact the assistant director but he refused to comment.

Priya manis 1boobfully


Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in Siddharth Anand’s next film

The one film old Ranbir Kapoor has been more in the news for his romantic liaisons than for his professional feats. The actor, who has recently returned from Australia, was spotted with Katrina Kaif at the launch of a new club in Mumbai.

And although Katrina and Ranbir might say that they are just colleagues working together in Siddharth Anand’s next film one can’t help then question the need to avoid the press or being photographed together. The two stars arrived at the launch together with Kat’s sister Isabella in tow and spent hours chatting to each other at the party. In fact the two, introduced by Kat’s boyfriend Salman during the filming of Saawariya, are great friends and said to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

This is not the first time that Ranbir has enjoyed some very interesting - read already spoken for - female company.rior to that Ranbir was attached to another Bollywood actress who was already said to be in a relationship. Kapoor who met Deepika during the filming of OSO/Saawariya and the two were spotted getting cozy even though Padukone was in a serious relationship with model Nihar Pandya.

Katrina Kaif on Vogue cover

A popular saying goes as 'The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly'. And Bollywood has its very own angel in… well…giving her name will be like teaching the sun how to shine. She is one of the very few who takes gossips and rumors 'lightly'. No wonder that she is 'flying high' in Bollywood!

She is none other than Katrina Kaif! She may have many firsts to her credit. But preceding way ahead of all these firsts is the fact that she is on the cover of the latest edition of Vogue India.

And matching upto divinity is none other than Jean Paul Gaultier, the world renowned designer, whose creations make the angel in Katrina come alive!

Lastly, what we feel is that one has heard of peeping Toms clicking snaps of many leading heroines. But, looking at the way Katrina looks in the pictures, one really feels that someone has really the trouble to go up to heaven and click these snaps of an angel who leads the gang of other gorgeous angels!

Jodha Akbar 90 crores?

jodha akbar
Movie prices have hit the roof. With OM SHANTI OM and WELCOME fetching astronomical prices from buyers and also faring exceptionally well at the ticket window, the pricing of forthcoming films is only going higher and higher with each passing day.

The latest is, a leading industrial house has pitched for JODHAA AKBAR. Reportedly, the industrial house has offered Rs. 90 crores for the global distribution rights of the film, inclusive of the lucrative satellite rights. “Really? Is that the rumor doing the rounds of the industry?” Siddharth Roy Kapur of UTV breaks into a big smile, when you question him about it, “It's not true. We haven't been offered that amount by anyone.”

But what if there's an offer, will UTV accept it? “We haven't taken a stand yet. It all depends on who makes the offer. After all, JODHAA AKBAR is our baby and our prime concern is to give it the best possible release,” Siddharth states.

Suniel Wadhwa of UTV corroborates, “In any case, there's not much time left [the film is fixed for February 15]… the period is too short for anyone to step in. The promotion is in full swing, the publicity material has been dispatched to theatres. Under these circumstances, it would be next to impossible to incorporate the logo of the company on the publicity material. It's not feasible,” he reasons rightly.

Subhash Ghai signs Celina for Paying Guest

Subhash Ghai's Paying Guest will be Celina's third film of the five-film deal with Mukta Arts. “I am doing the film along with Shreyas Talpade and Suniel Shetty,” says an excited Celina Jaitley.

She further adds, “My character in the film is that of a demanding and dominating girlfriend and the story revolves around five close friends who reside together in Dubai.” Paying Guest is a comedy film written by Paritosh Painter and directed by Subhash Ghai.

The film also has Jaaved Jaffrey, Aashish Choudhary, Johnny Lever, Chunkey Pandey, Asrani, Paintal and Delnaaz Paul. One more hero and three more heroines are yet to be finalized. The shoot of the film will start from the second week of April and will release in the month of October.

Vettai Arangam a hot Tamil heroine in water in transparent shirt Showing Her

Vettai Arangam a hot Tamil heroine in water in transparent shirt

Lisa Ray Wet..Pics (see thru) Boobs Vissible

lisa ray
lisa ray
Lisa Ray Wet after bath wearing with Sari Showing her nice Boobs. Her left Boobs clearly visible from wet sari. These are stills from the movie water....

Malaika Arora forgot to wear Blouse and Bra

Sexy Sangeeta Ghosh Topless
Sangeeta Ghosh Topless in the Arms of Bare Chested Rohit Roy

Here is an amazing pic of Malaika Arora here she is wearing very nicely worked and designed saree but it seems she forgot to wear Blouse and Bra with the saree...

Preity Zinta on Her IPL Win

Its safe to say that Preity Zinta getting a piece of the IPL pie surprised many. However Zinta has proven that Cricket is not for the boys and congrats to Preity for showing some great business acumen.

Says Zinta:
“why do boys have to have all the fun? It’s 2008, women should get more active in business. I won’t pretend to be a huge cricket buff, but now I’ve no choice, I’m learning about the game. I’m reading books, watching old matches. I think cricket is a gentleman’s sport, regardless of winning and losing. And I know how to hold a bat and I know what sixers and fours are all about!”

She’s also reportedly a part of (and endorses) the Wadia family airline. “But this is my first bona fide business venture. I’ve never before submitted a tender and felt the thrill of watching it materialise. I can’t be a sleeping partner in any business. I’d give everyone nightmares! Can you imagine me keeping quiet? Not when the entertainment industry is rocking. Cricket and Bollywood coming together is huge,” laughed Preity.

Do their professional alliances indicate a life together? “I don’t know,” replied Preity, “but Ness and I work well together. We hope to make the IPL deal a success. It’s the first time I’m sitting in a boardroom. So many firsts for me! I’m excited. It’s very different from working on a film where you’re on your own when ‘action’ is called on camera.”

Kareena Kapoor Sexes Up Her Image For Filmfare

Bollywood fashion icon Kareena Kapoor reveals a whole lot more than just skin in the February issue of Filmfare. At the launch of the magazine, the 27-year-old cover girl ducked awkward and personal questions, and at one point politely suggested that journalists read the issue in which she voices misgivings about her relationship with beau Saif Ali Khan.

In a headline that reads ‘’Who gets love bites on the back’’, Kareena also dismisses reports of a rumoured hickey on her back claiming it was only a mosquito bite (was that really necessary for us to know?!)

The actress who bagged awards this year for her spirited performance as Geet in Jab We Met also tells the mag that she was paid a whooping 3.5 crores to do a film with Studio 18 and Priyadarshan.

With a string of upcoming movies, get prepared to see a whole lot more of Kareena’s face – for better or for worse!

Why Ash chosen over Deepika

Ending all speculations, Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been chosen to star opposite Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in director Shankar’s forthcoming science fiction project titled ‘Robot’.

Earlier, there were speculations that Shankar, who had made the runaway Tamil hit ‘Shivaji – The Boss’ with Rajnikanth, was considering casting newcomer Deepika Padukone for the role.

Rumors were rife that Shankar had approached Deepika for the role, but was aghast at the fees charged by the newcomer.

Sources said that he was also considering Nayanthara to act opposite Rajnikanth in the film. However, the speculations have died following Aishwarya’s confession that she has been offered the role and she is very excited over it.

It may be mentioned here that the former Miss World had earlier acted in Shankar’s ‘Jeans’ in 1998.

According to Aishwarya, work on the film’s schedule has begun and the filmmakers are trying to accommodate her dates for the shooting.

She said that there had been so many offers in the past that tried to bring her and Shankar together and she hopes this works out fine.

In addition to ‘Robot’, Aishwarya has also been offered two international projects ‘Bhopal Movie’, a film based on the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, and Sir Ben Kingsley's ‘Shah Jahan’.

So, while the former Miss World became the Bachchan bahu in year 2007, with big projects and banners coming her way, even 2008 promises to be a great year for her professionally!

Star cast: Will Saif-Kareena or Shahid-Vidya last longer?

It was a thing of the past when Kareena and Shahid were caught kissing when a paparozzo dude shot their video. However the kissing is now replaced by the tattoo love, seen on Saif’s hands.

Kareena dumped Shahid, and much before the new love story caught people’s attention, it made rockstar Saif etch this love story forever on his own left hand.

However the question, which couple is in for celebration and which for a heart brake?

Bejan Daruwala, the famous astrologer has all the answers. "Saif is very handsome and he's conscious of his long nose,’ says he. However, while most of us would think that Saif’s dashing looks are likely to prompt Kareena to do something stupid while she is madly in love, the astrologer has a different story to tell. "The problem is that people who are born in September are highly intelligent,” says Bejan Daruwala.

So it is up to Saif to do all those silly things people do, when they're in love. If the tattoo wasn’t getting enough attention, Saif may do something more to prove his love.

Amidst all these antics the one question for Mr Daruwala is whether this relationship will last?

"I don’t know about this relationship lasting. But while it does, it will be a lot of fun." 2009 is the deciding factor and if they can get through, they will make it,” says Bejan Daruwala.

While Saif and Kareena seem to be having a ball, Shahid seems to be drowned in gloom. However, it seems that love soon blew him over in the form of Vidya Balan.

While speculation continues about Shahid-Vidya relationship, Bejan Daruwala has the final word and says, “Shahid and Vidya have a better chance".

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I'm not getting married for the next five years' Kareena

saif kareena
Known for his Casanova image Saif has been completely bowled over by his ladylove Kareena and has decided to become one-woman man. The duo is so much in love that they aren't too conscious of even their public display of emotion.

Last night when Kareena was invited for the Filmfare cover launch at Vie Lounge, Juhu, she was accompanied by boyfriend Saif Ali Khan, who dropped her and came to fetch her once the event was over.

The couple pulled over in Saif's black BMW, and post the event headed to a suburbian 5-star hotel.

As usual, Kareena was comfortable dealing with personal questions posed to her by the media. When asked about her marriage plans, she said, "I am not getting married for the next five years."

An industry insider informs us that Saif is very possessive about Kareena. "He is madly in love with her and can go to any extend to prove his love. He also wants to express his commitment and marriage plans later on this year. But Kareena is on career high, and wants to enjoy her career and success."

Bebo chose to keep silent about her back stage meet with Shahid at the Star Screen Awards. She was also not comfortable talking about Saif's son, Ibrahim, whom she has been spotted with very often these days. After the launch and speaking with media she waited for Saif to fetch her. Exactly after twenty minutes, Saif arrived like a prince from a fairy tale book to take back his princess in waiting.

Saif refuses to dance to Jab We Met Tracks

At the Stardust Awards organized by Bunty Walia’s G.S.Entertainment on Saturday evening ; Saif had the crowds spellbound with his grand finale act.

Saif started off with a number from his forthcoming film Race and then went on to perform various hit numbers of the year right from Hare Ram (Bhool Bhulaiyya) , Tenu Leke (Salaam-E-Ishq) , Darde Disco (Om ShantiOm) to the title track of Hey Baby.

Sources suggest that initially Mauja Hi Mauja from Jab We Met was added to the list of tracks to be performed by Saif , but he refused to do so as it was performed by Shahid Kapur in the film. Saif wanted to keep a mile away from any controversy.

Saif was well aware of Shahid’s presence at the awards much prior to the event as the organizers informed him that Shahid was bagging the Critics award for the best actor.

It has also been reported that Saif even turned down the offer to present the best actress award to Kareena .Eventually Raveena Tandon did the honours.

Looks like Saif is really playing it safe

Kunal Khemu injures Aushima on sets of Superstar!

"Superstar" which stars Kunal Khemu, Tulip Joshi and Aushima Sawheny has many action sequences involving jet skis and during the shoot of one such scene, as it happened Kunal managed to injure his poor co-star Aushima while shooting!!A scene required Kunal to drive a jet ski in full speed and he drove so fast that he not only toppled Aushima who flew in the air and fell in the water but also during one take fell back on her and made her nose bleed!!Recalls Aushima, "Yeah there were quite a many narrow escapes while doing those Jet Ski scenes! Kunal drove so fast that I just flew into the water and he even made my nose bleed during one take! But he is such a gentleman he kept apologizing the entire day! It was fun though shooting those scenes in water, quite thrilling!" and dangerous to health also we may add.

Kareena sports a solitaire ring

At a recent event held, Kareena walked in with boy friend Saif Ali Khan sporting a solitaire ring.

The solitaire ring made the media go into a tizzy with rumours of their engagement... Now we too are wondering but lets give the couple a break and let them get on with their 'love' lives...

Preity Zinta - ‘Ness and I are happy together’

Media had been abuzz lately with stories of Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia heading for a splitville. There were rumours that Preity was shooting for Deepa Mehta’s film in Toronto and boyfriend Ness too had accompanied her to spend time with her. However since Deepa is a tough taskmaster, Preity hardly had time to spend with Ness and this apparently led to an argument between the couple. Sources claimed that after the showdown between Ness and Preity, an upset Ness returned to Mumbai and Preity was once again immersed with her shoot.

However, Preity terms the entire story as rubbish and says, “I don’t know where these stories originate from. A few months ago it was being said that Ness and I were getting married and now it’s being said that he and I have split.” Preity has always tried to keep her personal life in covers and was obviously upset with media intrusion into her relationships. So, was her curt reply when questioned about her relationship with Ness, “Ness and I are happy together, thank you very much.”

Malaika Arora sizzles on the dance floor!

malika arora
There's a popular saying in the town that 'It drizzles when Malaika sizzles'. Assuming that this statement 'holds water', every Friday, please be ready with your double rain coats on, along with your umbrellas because, the Lady in question is all set to sizzle on Friday, at the convenience of your TV. The occasion being the first episode of "Idea Dhoom Macha De", a musical show on NDTV Imagine. It's for the first time ever on television that eleven of India's most popular and professional singers will come together to compete at what they do best- live performance! And doing the honours is none other than the vivaciously sizzling beauty Malaika Arora Khan.

The eleven performers include the likes of Anaida, Baba Sehgal, Babul Supriyo, Devang Patel, Jaspinder Nirula, Jassi, Kamaal Khan, Richa Sharma, Sapna Awasthi, Suneeta Rao and Taz, who will be pitted against each other for the prestigious title of the 'Country's Best Performer'. And the powerhouse names who will adorn the judges' seats include Sharmila Tagore, Shankar Mahadevan and Prasoon Joshi.

So, be ready to get drizzled under the torrential spell of the sizzle called Malaika Arora Khan!

"My attitude to my career remains unchanged" - Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is flooded with offers for films. But her priorities right now are slightly different. She wants to focus on her family duties while doing very selective work. Says a source very close to her, "Even about Pink Panther she wasn't sure, what with Mrs Teji Bachchan being so critically ill. Aishwarya didn't want any distraction from her family duties. It was Abhishek who urged her to take up the offer. Now she's ready to sign a couple of films. But she will choose very carefully. "

Producer Rohan Sippy's film directed by Sriram which is supposed to bring the never-before pair of John Abraham and Aishwarya Rai is awaiting the leading lady's approval. Though the shooting for the untitled love story has commenced with John, Aishwarya's nod is still awaited. And the only reason why she hasn't given the green signal is because the director hasn't come up with the script yet.

Says a source close to the project, "Ash has always been very close to the producer Rohan Sippy. After all she met and got to know Abhishek on the sets of Rohan's Kuch Na Kaho. Since then she and Rohan have always been close. When this project with Sriram Raghavan came up, Aishwarya's dates were a problem. Rohan flew down to Boston where she was shooting for her Pink Panther movie to convince her. Touched by Rohan's sincerity she immediately said yes. However, she made it clear that she would like to see the script."

Months have passed but no script. Sriram was busy finishing Johnny Gaddar and then sorting his projects out. Continues the source, "Though Ash has heard Sriram's idea and loves it, she has always insisted on a script from the start of her career. Remember how years ago Indra Kumar got pissed off with her because she had asked for a script before saying yes? Ash remains unchanged in her professionalism. Whether it's a completely professional arrangement with Indra Kumar or a friendly producer like Rohan Sippy, she wants the script."

Pooh poohing stories of how she was distracted and distracting on the sets of Jodhaa Akbar the source says, "If anything Ash is today even more professional than she used to be before marriage. Forget about causing distractions by bringing guests to Karjat where Ashutosh was shooting, or not giving Hrithik Roshan his cues while he was emoting, Ash wouldn't even speak to her husband on the phone while shooting." Sriram's film is crucial for Ash because after Jodhaa Akbar and Pink Panther this would be the only film she's signing.

Concludes the source, "Some people are suggesting that Aishwarya's dates for Sriram Raghavan's film are a difficulty. Not true. She has already set aside a large chunk in the first quarter of 2008 for this film. The problem is the script. She's still waiting for it." Aishwarya who's just back from a wedding in Jaya Bachchan's family in Bhopal remains the same. "My attitude to my career remains unchanged. I remain the same. It's people around me who imagine I've become a different person. They insist on portraying me the way they perceive me to be in their minds. And never mind if they're way off the mark. One report says I'll be performing the Salsa at a soap-sponsored event. Does that look anything like me?"

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