Emraan Hashmi seeks divorce

The marriage hit troubled waters when Paraveen who is a school teacher, recently got to know about Emraan’s close relationship with a Pakistani girl, Sanaa. Praveen was particularly upset when she learnt that Emraan and the new woman in his life had spent some private moments in Cape Town.

According to reliable source, Sanaa’s parents promptly called Emraan’s uncle Mahesh Bhatt an informed him about his Nephew’s secret Liaison. Mahesh Intervened and summoned Emraan at his Juhu’s office on Wednesday afternoon.

It is said that the conversation which began as a discussion was gradually snowballed into a heated argument and then a big showdown.

From a witness present there it is learnt that Mahesh was just pleading Emraan to live a steady martial life and focus on his career. Mahesh was simply advising Emraan for his good, but instead Emraan misunderstood this advice and replied back to Mahesh that he was intervening in his personnel life and also added that he was well enough wise to deal with the situation.

When Mahesh Bhatt on Friday morning was contacted, Mahesh diplomatically replied that he was not in a position to give any such kind of advice to his Nephew and especially on the topic of Martial life.

It is learnt that during the heated conversation between Emraan and Mahesh, the former also said to have told that the latter has no right to tell him sweet about sacred marriage as the latter had himself link-ups with many heroines, especially Praveen Babi. it is said that this sentence from Emraan made the filmmaker very much hurt and so left the room in dissatisfaction and also with broken heart.

When Emraan was approached he cleverly evaded the media questions but gave a hint that his Marriage life was in rocks.

On Sunday, on repeated calls to his mobile , Finally Emraan gave a reply that this matter will be solved by himself in few days and if at all Paraveen feels that she has been cheated ,then Emraan is also ready to give his wife a divorce and let her live her own life.

But let’s hope that Emraan & Praveen will sort out the matters soon and will forget their past and will live happily together in the sacred marriage bliss


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