Saif Slits His Hand For Kareena

After going to the extent of tatooing Kareena’s name on his hand, Saif Ali Khan dares to be the Arm in Shining Armour once again, for his damsel Kareena Kapoor who doesn’t seem to be in any distress.

Whilst on the shooting of “Tashaan “ in Greece, some of Bebo’s Pals asked him as to what extent he could go for his love- Kareena.

Much to the shock of her friends and an amused Kareena who was awaiting his reply, Saif did a dare devil stunt of slitting his palm with a knife which was lying nearby.

Now that his act wasn’t irreversible, he went around telling everyone that the injury was caused due to meddling with a broken pane of glass.


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