Gracy stings!

Gracy Singh slapped an assistant director on the sets of Kamal Khan's Desh Drohi all because he was smoking
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and while the whole world is capaigning against the harmful effects of smoking, Gracy Singh went a step further. She slapped an assistant director who would not stop smoking. Gracy was shooting for Desh Drohi at Surve Farms, Panvel.

The story goes that Gracy was forced to take the extreme step when the chain-smoking assistant director Rajesh Sharma wouldn't stop smoking on the sets. Our source informs, "Gracy was in a bad mood on that day. She got upset with one of the assistant directors, Rajesh who was smoking on the sets.

She had asked Rajesh not to smoke around her. But when he did not pay any heed to her requests, Gracy slapped him hard."

The duo got into a tiff following which producer Kamal Khan had to cancel shooting for the day. Eventually, the unit members intervened and calmed the actress down.

The source adds, "Everyone on the sets was shocked by Gracy's behaviour and the producer stopped the shooting before the situation turned worse."

Kamal confirmed the incident, saying, "Yes, it did happen. Gracy had warned the assistant director not to smoke but when he continued to do so, she got up and slapped him. I cancelled the shoot immediately as I didn't want the situation could worsen."

However, Gracy refused to divulge any details about the episode. She said, "I don't know who is spreading these rumours. If anyone smokes on the sets, I usually request them to stop."

We tried to contact the assistant director but he refused to comment.


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