Deepika Padukone likes to be virgin


Om Shanto Om fame Deepika Padukone is hitting the headlines of every media. This is not due to her acting talent shown in the film but because of her link ups with famous celebrities of India.

From two days there were rumors that she is going to marry Indian Cricket TeamVice Captain Yuvraj Singh. And it was also said that Yuvraj inspite of resistance from his family is willing to tie the knot to Deepika anytime this year ending. It is already a known fact that Indian Cricket Team captain Dhoni was very much interested in Deepika and was totally bowled out by her beauty and intelligence. He also invited her to the one-day internationals cricket matches and also to the Twenty Twenty matches. And Deepika also obliged his invitation and paid a visit to the cricket matches venues along with her Co Star SRK of Om ShantI Om .

But early this month Deepika padukone was spotted dating Yuvraj Singh and the two were said to have a gala time in the company of each other. Many media channels weaved a story and said that the two celebrities are in deep love and will marry soon.

But when Deepika was approached with this question yesterday she confirmed that she is Not going to Marry Anyone? . She also cleared that she is presently happy being single and if at all she plans about her marriage she will reveal it to the media.

Deepika padukone before her release was dating Ranbir Kapoor of Saawaria fame. But the relationship ended by a tag called just friends.

Deepika padukone also confirmed that she is not going to act in the film Krish 2 opposite to Hrithik Roshan . She confirmed this news as there were rumors going on in the media circle that she has signed the film Krish 2 opposite to Hrithik. But she added saying that she is willing to work with the charming star in near future.

Presently deepika has not yet signed any film and is said to be demanding 1.5 crores to 2 crores for each film. karrena kapoor presently holds the record of highest paid actress in bollywood . As she has recently signed a film for a whooping cost of 3.5 crores . May be this record will be broken by deepika in her second film. Lest wait and watch.


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