Jodha Akbar 90 crores?

jodha akbar
Movie prices have hit the roof. With OM SHANTI OM and WELCOME fetching astronomical prices from buyers and also faring exceptionally well at the ticket window, the pricing of forthcoming films is only going higher and higher with each passing day.

The latest is, a leading industrial house has pitched for JODHAA AKBAR. Reportedly, the industrial house has offered Rs. 90 crores for the global distribution rights of the film, inclusive of the lucrative satellite rights. “Really? Is that the rumor doing the rounds of the industry?” Siddharth Roy Kapur of UTV breaks into a big smile, when you question him about it, “It's not true. We haven't been offered that amount by anyone.”

But what if there's an offer, will UTV accept it? “We haven't taken a stand yet. It all depends on who makes the offer. After all, JODHAA AKBAR is our baby and our prime concern is to give it the best possible release,” Siddharth states.

Suniel Wadhwa of UTV corroborates, “In any case, there's not much time left [the film is fixed for February 15]… the period is too short for anyone to step in. The promotion is in full swing, the publicity material has been dispatched to theatres. Under these circumstances, it would be next to impossible to incorporate the logo of the company on the publicity material. It's not feasible,” he reasons rightly.


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